The Monterosso is also an educational farm…


The Farm Monterosso is inserted into the Teaching Farms circuit, ie those structures recognized by the Agriculture of the Piedmont Region in which children, through explanations of qualified guides, They can learn many things about Nature. at Monterosso, particularly, being in contact with the green woods and meadows, farm with animals, and with beautiful views of Lake Maggiore can be a wonderful experience that children will remember certainly also by large!

How not fun running around the woods of Monterosso?


Inside the company Agricola live cattle, pigs, pigs, goats, poultry. Cows and their calves are free to wander through the fields and the woods and feed on what nature provides; all this gives our meat flavor and a color that tastes of yesteryear.
The pig farm allows to have available, in addition to the famous then cooked suckling pig on the spit, Also the meats that make up our inviting appetizer served on cutting board.


They are not missing, on top of Monterosso, other opportunities to meet with cute animals. I cavalli e i pony, eg, They are available to children for wonderful walks in the open air. Dogs are always welcome in the wake of their masters, entertaining themselves within the company.
In the surrounding green woods reigns tranquility and it is not difficult to see squirrels, boars, daini, foxes and badgers. In the sky, during the day flying buzzards, falcons, peaks, sparrows of various species, that with their chirping accompany you during your walks; the night, instead, You fall asleep listening to the owl and the owl.

Monterosso The farm is set in a private park in green and woodland occupying 250.000 sq.m.. of land, part used also for horticultural biological crops certified. Along the road leading to the farmhouse is through a precious and impressive beech forest with over 500 specimens.

To make sure that our customers will appreciate the wooded setting two main paths we have been prepared: the PATH FAGGI and TRAIL GINESTRE. You can start to discover them with the help of the map below!

nature trails

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